Thursday, December 01, 2005

Someday I'll Read: The Bibliography

In pseudo-APA style

Chad, K. and P. Miller (Nov. 2005). Do libraries matter? The rise of Library 2.0. Talis (white paper).

Fortunato, S. and others (1 Nov. 2005). The egalitarian effect of search engines. (Indiana University study.)

Gordon, R. S. (n.d.). Publish, don't perish! Emerald Library Link, available at link (1 Dec. 2005).

Landesman, M. (2005). Getting it right: The evolution of reference collections. The Reference Librarian, 44:91/92, p. 5-22.
From the summary: The author concludes that while reference questions will always be with us; it is perhaps less certain that they will always be answered from “reference works” in collections labeled “reference.”

Olsen, S. (18 Nov 2005). The millenials usher in a new area. CNET
How the new generation views technology and online portals.

Rouch, W. (Aug 2005). Social machines: Computing means connecting. Technology Review.
A discussion of social technology online.


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