Friday, December 02, 2005

On My Mind

Hint: it ain't Georgia.

In no particular order
  • partnering with Apple or other MP3 service to offer MP3s for "check-out" (certainly this is being done somewhere in library world already?);
  • using the wiki platform to generate subject resource guides (buh-bye old pathfinders);
  • why do the call me "information services librarian"? I certainly hope I can serve you more than just information (hey, not that! jeesh!). Although, on second thought, I don't think I'd like my title to be Happy Person Who Helps With Stuff. Just "librarian" is ok though;
  • how our collections are bloated with useless material (volume does not indicate quality. it indicates volume. that's it);
  • how can we have a space set aside for food and beverage consumption in the library and NOT offer a coffee shop? or coffee cart? or anything coffee related (other than the coffee vending machines, which fail to satisfy consumers even at highway rest areas)?


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